Project Description

Earn While You Learn

Complete pregnancy and Parenting worksheets to earn Mommy Money or Daddy Dough to spend in the baby pantry! Work at your own pace and earn as much “money” as you want! At His Love Family Resources we value relationships those of parent and child, parent and partner and clients and staff. To strengthen those relationships we use the Earn While You Learn Program to distribute the resources in the Baby Pantry such as diapers, wipes, clothing, baby food etc.

To help you be the best parent you can – we offer many ways to earn our “mommy money” and “daddy dough” such as:

  • Reading brochures or books from our Resource Library

  • Participating in one of our programs such as “First Time Mom”, “Parent Group”

  • Watch a DVD from our Resource Library

  • Participate in Early Head Start

  • Participate in the Community Play Group

There are no income or other requirements to sign up so stop by today and register.