Pregnancy occurs under the best circumstances—and under the worst. If your pregnancy feels like bad news, we have some good news for you: You have options! If you are considering abortion, please consider these alternative choices before making your decision.


  1. Gather support

Everything is harder when you feel alone. Whether you’re considering abortion due to financial hardship, relationship problems, or because you want to pursue other goals, having help from others can open up new possibilities that seemed impossible on your own. Sometimes gathering support is as simple as reaching out to family and friends. Churches and pregnancy resource centers like His Love are other places you can turn to for support.

  1. Explore parenting

Not all biological mothers and fathers are prepared to parent a child, and that’s OK. But many parents have successfully embraced a parenthood role following an unplanned pregnancy. Being a parent can be an extremely rewarding experience. Have honest conversations with other people who have been in situations similar to yours to get a sense of the challenges and rewards of parenting.

  1. Allow a family member to raise your child

Would a responsible family member be willing to assume guardianship of your child? Consider taking them up on the offer. You may be comforted by the knowledge that your child is with a familiar caregiver. Such an arrangement is more flexible than adoption, so it’s a good choice if you want to have a relationship with the child.

  1. Open adoption

Today, openness in adoption is common. The parent seeking to give their child an adoptive home can choose the child’s parents. Children have access to their biological family histories and often to the families themselves, whether through letters and phone calls or face-to-face visits. Children can be reassured that the adoption decision was made out of love not rejection.  (

  1. Confidential or closed adoption
    If you are looking for a confidential, permanent resolution to your pregnancy, abortion is not your only option. A closed adoption is an adoption plan where non-identifying information is shared but birth and adoptive families do not meet, do not share identifying information, and do not keep in contact. (

If you would like more information about different options for moving forward with an unplanned pregnancy, visit His Love Family Resources at 203 Morenci Ave in Mio, MI. Our compassionate staff is here to help.