As much as I’d like to say my pregnancy was full of joy, I have to admit that I had feelings of dread leading up to the birth of my second child.

My oldest daughter was almost two when I found out I was pregnant again. She had been a colicky baby and was shaping up to be a strong-willed toddler. I barely had enough patience and energy to get through the day with one child. How would I possibly keep up with two kids at once?

Sure enough, things got harder when baby number two arrived. There were more diapers, more medical bills, and less sleep. It seemed like somebody was always crying—and that somebody was often me!

As time passed, things gradually got easier. Day by day my daughters become more independent, and I become more adept at balancing the demands of motherhood. The bonds of love we shared helped get us through the ups and downs of the first year as a family of four. I can’t imagine life without my youngest daughter now, but I’ll always remember how scared and overwhelmed I felt during pregnancy.

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