It’s two a.m. I wake up to the cries of my eight-month-old daughter Eileen in the next room.

I go to her, almost without thinking. Her arms reach for me and her mouth opens. She knows me even without opening her eyes. I let my eyes close. I can feel all 20 pounds of her body relax against mine. She’s comforted. She’s loved. I feel her fingers stroke my hair and trace my face in the dark. I clasp her tiny hand in mine and give thanks for this moment. I am comforted. I am loved.

There’s something magical about feeding a baby. It’s one of my all-time favorite parenting experiences. I love the closeness and the excuse to sit down and just be with my baby.

To feed a baby is to offer more than simple nourishment; it is an offering of love, trust, and comfort. This most mundane and sacred of caregiving acts can be performed by mothers and fathers alike (not to mention grandparents, babysitters, and older siblings). The bonding experience is a gift that keeps on giving.

Feeding is love, but it’s also breastmilk or formula—and bottles and burp cloths and other material goods. Many of these supplies, as well as information about how to feed your baby, are available at His Love. If you’d like classes or mentoring to help you develop your parenting skills, check out our services.