Our culture sends mixed messages about love, sex, and relationships. It’s no wonder teenagers have questions.

If you are looking for answers that defy society’s casual view of sex and go beyond “waiting until marriage,” we invite you to experience Silver Ring Thing’s Explicit Truth presentation in Traverse City on Sunday, October 22.

Explicit Truth is a concert-style event presented by students who want the same things you do: freedom, fulfillment, and honest answers about relationships, sexuality, and identity. The show tackles tough issues with “boldness and transparency” and illuminates God’s plan for our lives. It’s a high-energy show packed with humor and relatable scenarios.

Any local teens who would like to experience the Explicit Truth event can reserve tickets by contacting His Love Family Resources at 826-5817. We will travel to the event together, so be sure to meet us at either Fairview Mennonite Church or Tripoint Church of God (either location is fine!) by 2:00 PM on October 22.

Transportation and ticket costs are covered. Just bring money for food if you want to eat before the show (we’ll stop at the Traverse City Mall Food Court) and a signed Consent Form if you’re under 18.

We hope you’ll join us!

Learn more about Silver Ring Thing here. For more information about His Love, check out our services.