After a full day of driving, all my husband and I wanted to do was unwind with some pizza and television in our hotel room. Instead, we were sitting on the bathroom floor, silent for fear of waking our new travel companion—a notoriously light sleeping baby.

It was a scenario that would have been funny if we weren’t so exhausted. We had tag-teamed enough bedtimes to know that it would be at least thirty minutes until we could attempt to tiptoe past the portable crib beside the mini fridge and cautiously climb into bed. So we held hands on the tile floor and prayed for rest.

Parenthood is generally a joyous experience, but at times it’s a struggle just to get through the night. There’s no way around the tough times, but we don’t have to endure them alone. If we’re lucky enough to have an ally with us in the trenches, the challenges of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting are surmountable.

My husband and I got through our hotel hostage experience together, just as we have survived sleepless nights with a new baby, airplane ear infections, and hundreds of other unpleasant situations with our children. If you are in need of an ally to join you in the trenches of parenthood, the staff at His Love can help. If you’d like classes or mentoring to help you develop your parenting skills, check out our services.