His Love and Parenting

His Love Family Resources believes that parenting children is one of the greatest callings one can have. We want you to be able to have a Thriving Family for your child. We also know it is not easy – in fact most of us would say It’s the hardest job we’ve ever done. Because of this we want to walk with you as you become a parent for the first time but also as your child goes through the different ages and stages of development. The following are some of the parenting resources available at the center.

Baby Pantry

Provides FREE baby supplies. To support moms and dads, we provide a baby pantry stocked with essentials to create a safe and happy home. You will learn about child development and parenting while getting these free things like diapers, wipes, clothing etc.

Resource Library

Take advantage of our parenting education library, which provides brochures, books, DVDs, and other valuable resources.


Individualized Parenting Classes

One-on-One parenting lessons with one of our parenting educators. Choose topics that are relevant in your family. Participants may sign up on their own, or to fulfill requirements with the court.


First-Time Moms

If you complete ten sessions, in addition to earning mommy money to spend in the pantry you will receive a new crib or a $100 gift card.


Birth of a Family

Are you expecting a baby? Do you have a small child or children? Do want them to have a happy home and a supportive Mom & Dad?

HIS LOVE SPECIALS Special activities , Interactive Events for parent & child, Cooking Activities, or a Special speaker are scheduled from time to time.