My mom and I were out for a walk one late spring afternoon when my daughter Lexi was almost a year old. We were still a quarter mile away from home when the sky opened up and pummeled us with pouring rain. We picked up our pace, my mom pushing the stroller while I jogged alongside. At one point I glanced at Lexi and noticed her trying to catch my eye. She looked unsure, as if trying to ask me, “Is this scary or fun?”

I quickly smiled at her and exclaimed, “Yay! A fun adventure! We are playing in the rain with Grandma!” Lexi  grinned and kicked her chunky legs with delight all the way home, no longer nervous about the abrupt change in her environment.

Childbirth had made me a mom, but the rainstorm made me a role model. I learned that I can choose to face the unexpected with fear or enthusiasm, and that Lexi looks to me for cues about how to react. Do I want to model resilience or despair?

Fact is, life is full of uncertainty, and pregnancy and parenthood can feel like a rainstorm. A positive pregnancy test, impending childbirth, the first night at home with a new baby–these experiences may inspire any combination of excitement and fear. While we cannot always choose our own role models in life, we can choose to seek out pregnancy help and parenting support so that we can give our children the role models they need.

Are you in the midst of a rainstorm right now? How will you react?

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