What makes a good parent?

Parents all over the world want to provide a good life for their children. If you pay attention to media and marketing, you might get the idea that high-end high chairs, designer diapers, and troves of toys are requirements for raising a happy, healthy child. Of course, providing the latest must-haves is impossible for all but the wealthiest parents, and trying to keep up is a recipe for insecurity and dissatisfaction.

When I start to doubt whether I am living up to the standard of a “good” parent, I make a point to remember that most stuff is optional. The list of true essentials for a positive childhood is quite short. Children’s entertainer Raffi offers a reminder of this in his popular song called “All I Really Need”, in which a chorus of children sings:

All I really need is a song in my heart
Food in my belly
And Love in my family

That’s right. Hope, nourishment, and affection are all a child really needs (apart from the obvious shelter, water, and oxygen!). Toys, education, and entertainment are all very well, but they are not nearly as important as the first three.

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